AMETEK Power and Data Systems (PDS) is a leading supplier of components and systems for power generation and distribution, motion control, data acquisition and cockpit instruments to the aerospace and defense industry. For over 70 years, AMETEK PDS has been involved in the complex design and manufacture of aircraft components to customers in the business jet, helicopter, commercial transport, military aircraft, and military ground vehicle markets.

Our technical capabilities include custom design, engineering support, project management and extensive qualification test facilities, and systems with electronics and software to DO160 and DO178.

Power and Data Systems offers a full line of aftermarket solutions to meet our customer's needs, including spare parts and repair and overhaul services through our authorized service center network.

AMETEK Power and Data Systems is part of AMETEK Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.


The new flap system developed by AMETEK consists of eight mechanical actuators and a flap power drive unit (PDU) for each aircraft. The PDU is the latest addition to AMETEK’s brushless motor family, which will incorporate health monitoring and speed control features. The mechanical flap actuator system currently being developed is a new addition to AMETEK’s line of actuators. The actuator contains a direct acting force limiter on the high torque output for enhanced reliability. In addition, the need for expensive “no back” protection is eliminated by using custom lead angles and gear sets. This actuator system is ideal for turbo-prop and business jet applications.