AMETEK Power and Data Systems (PDS) is a leading supplier of components and systems for power generation and distribution, motion control, data acquisition and cockpit instruments to the aerospace and defense industry. We can provide upgraded solutions for many of our products and products installed by other OEMs that have reached the limit of their operational effectiveness. 

AMETEK Power and Data Systems serves aerospace and defense contractors around the world on platforms such as business jet, commercial transport, helicopters, military aircraft and military ground vehicles. Our customers include Airbus, Boeing, Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Embraer, General Atomics, Learjet, Piper, Pilatus, and Honda Jet. 

  • Business Jet
    Business Jet

    AMETEK is the leading provider of aerospace components and services for the business jet

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  • Commercial Jet
    Commercial Transport

    AMETEK PDS can seamlessly integrate the instrumentation and control needs of the commercial aircraft.

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  • Helicopter

    We design and manufacture electrical power generation and distribution systems to provide power to the various aircraft loads including windshield heat, rotor blades de-ice, etc

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  • Military Aircraft
    Military Aircraft

    AMETEK PDS has years of experience to design and manufacture products that interact with the cockpit instrumentation

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  • Tank
    Military Ground Vehicles

    AMETEK PDS has unique products that can generate significant cost savings in the military ground vehicle market.

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