AMETEK Power and Data Systems (PDS) is a leading supplier of components and systems for power generation and distribution, motion control, data acquisition and cockpit instruments to the aerospace and defense industry. All our products take advantage of our heritage in generators, generator control, mechanical and solid-state high current switching devices, solid-state power management, and data acquisition to provide a complete power generation, distribution and control system that offers a well-balanced approach toward performance, cost, and complexity.

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  • DC generator
    Power Generation

    We offer a wide variety of generator and generator control units that provide the lowest overall cost of development and ownership to customers.

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  • Power Distribution (AMPHION)

    AMETEK PDS offers complete range of power distribution and solutions, designed to solve simple and complex problems for the aerospace industry.

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  • Electrical Heater Controller
    Utility Controllers

    We offer compact, high reliability and fail-safe design utility controllers with control and monitoring with each channel using Solid State technology.

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  • DC Brush Electric Motor
    Electric Motors

    We offer DC Brush, Brushless and AC motors, with integrated electronics such as soft start, over current protection for range of applications.

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  • Rotary Actuator

    We offer linear and rotary actuators for multiple applications such as flaps, surface trim, cabin doors, ram air doors, valve control, cargo locks.

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  • Data Acquisition Unit
    Data Acquisition Units

    We offer a wide range of data acquisition products for engine monitoring systems, FDR data gathering, air data.

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  • Standby Engine Indicator

    We are the leading supplier of indicators for every type of sensor. Our indicators are installed on virtually every aircraft produced.

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  • Custom Engineering
    Custom Engineering Solutions

    Our extensive experience in aircraft signal interface and cockpit instruments uniquely qualifies us to provide custom products and solutions.

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