AMETEK PDS offers an extensive line of individual and integrated instrumentation ranging from engine indicators to cabin pressure monitors to complete engine airframe data acquisition. AMETEK PDS is the leading original OEM supplier of many indicators flying today and is uniquely qualified to provide upgraded replacement indicators. Using our expertise, we have the capability to not only replace the indicators aboard any aircraft but also retrofit any obsolete instruments. We have retrofitted several indicators for AWACS, JSTARS, and B52.

Features and Benefits:

Experience with indicators on all aircraft from the dawn of flight to the 787
Cabin lighting experts to integrate a new indicator into an older cockpit
Standard interface circuits available for fast, low cost upgrades
Ability to make smart indicators with increased functionality for older aircraft

  • Altimeter

    AMETEK's electronic altimeter is designed for use in new or retrofit applications as one of the components needed to meet the

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  • Sentinel Instrument Systems
    Sentinel Instrument Systems

    Sentinel Instrument System is designed to meet today’s needs for highly integrated aircraft systems, providing a complete solution from the signal interface to the cockpit display.

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  • Standby Engine Indicator
    Standyby Engine Indicators

    AMETEK PDS standby engine indicators interface either directly to the engine sensors or through the FADEC to provide the necessary redundancy needed for modern glass cockpits

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  • Aircraft Fuel Gauge
    Maintenance Panels

    The fuel gauging system consists of seven active fuel probes located in each of the aircraft wing fuel tanks and a dual channel microprocessor-based signal conditioner.

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  • Weapons System Processor Panel

    AMETEK's Weapons System Process Panel (WSPP) control panel provides the control interface from the cockpit to the weapons systems

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