Power Distribution Unit

AMETEK’s Power Distribution Unit (PDU) replaces centralized circuit breaker panels allowing for power to be more efficiently distributed and controlled via a data bus. PDUs can be located throughout the aircraft allowing for easy configuration changes, if additional power is required, providing maximum flexibility in custom interior design. In addition to providing circuit protection functionality, the AMETEK's PDU provides power control as a remote controlled relay, load monitoring which can be used for trend monitoring of electrical devices and for automatic load shedding.

AMETEK's AMPHION Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a thin flat pre-packaged array of AC or DC Solid State Power Controllers (SSPC) on a carrier board, offering a RS485 control bus. Each PDU has provisions for Master Rest and each individual SSPC can be addressed and each output status can be displayed. Each PDU connects to a field adjustable Personality Module that customizes each output on the PDU to a specific trip setting and multiple applications.


  • Customization through field adjustable rotary dip switches in removable personality module
  • Advanced load management
  • Attractive solution based on weight, size and performance
  • No active cooling is required