Windshield Heater Controllers

Windshield Heater Controller

AMETEK’s Windshield Heater Controllers (WHC) are designed to provide temperature control functions for the windshield heating units in the aircraft. AMETEK's WHC monitors the windshield temperature and activates the windshield heaters to maintain the correct temperature to prevent fogging and ice build up. The WHC interfaces with several different windshield heater temperature sensors for redundant monitoring of windshield temperature. The WHC incorporates patented AMPHION fail safe protection to guarantee that the windshields are never damaged by an overheat condition. The condition of an entire heating system is monitored to guard against loose connections, broken heaters, and internal faults to provide advance warning of problems.


  • Heater control and monitoring
  • Status reporting
  • Extensive built-in test capabilities with fault isolation
  • Multiple safety features that prevent an overheat condition
  • Aircraft power bus protection